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Why Digital Marketing is Crucial for Solar Companies

Solar Company Marketing

Solar Energy is a rapidly expanding business- with more and more people wanting to go solar- more and more providers of solar energy are popping up. It’s imperative to stay present and at the top of your potential client’s minds during this time. You might find yourself thinking- how can I do that? The answer is simple: Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Sapiens has come up with a buyer’s thought process to show how vital using a digital marketing strategy is for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When a prospective solar energy user is in the beginning stage of shopping for a solar company- they will go to the internet for advice. What does this mean for a solar company? You need to have a killer online presence.

Sure, some might think a website is all that you need- a place for people to go, look over your prices and a couple of testimonials, and then call when they are ready- but they would be wrong. It’s much more than that. Merely having a website without using SEO means your site won’t show up on Google! Statistically, no one goes past the first THREE search results, what happens if you are number 4 or 15? You don’t get seen. A Search Engine Optimization strategy needs to be implemented to ensure that your site is the first that comes up, and this can be done through keywords in your metadata and your blog.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Following Search Engine Optimization is Marketing! Those ads that consumers see when they search “Solar Company Near Me” that’s Search Engine Marketing! The process involves researching the keywords that your audience is looking for, creating ads for those keywords, and optimizing an ad budget based on how much each can cost.

Search Engine Marketing is a massive element of marketing to handle- and only a few excel at it. Most that are experts in this field end up working for digital agencies, as it gives them the opportunity to focus on what they excel in verses creating content and copy for other areas of online marketing.

Social Media Presence

Once a client interacts with your website, it will take them a while before they make the leap to purchase solar. They will want to interact more- visit your Facebook or Instagram page. See if there are any videos of the Solar installations that have been done on YouTube. It is essential to not only make sure your company has these profiles but that they are active on them as well.

Staying active means having a content strategy and engaging posts. It means creating ads and remarketing to those that have already liked or interacted with your page in some way. Similar to SEM, Social Media Marketing is a vast ocean that can only be navigated by those with the skills and expertise to optimize an ad campaign strategically. Even then, the analytical masterminds behind the ad often need the creative assistant of a copy creator.

Content Creation

No matter how skilled one is with analytics and data processing, they will never succeed without a creative team that creates all of their copy and content for them. After all, that is what the consumer sees and interacts with. A perfect target audience could be built, and yet they would have nothing to see without the images, videos, and blogs a content creator comes up with.

These individuals, like their more data-driven counterparts, are highly skilled and have tons of experience and talent under their belts. Also, similar to their online marketing partners, those skilled in the field drift towards agencies where they can do what they excel in and are passionate about.

Agency Versus In-House

When contemplating a how to implement a digital marketing strategy a company can be torn between an in-house department or an agency. While having someone in-house that is right there and has an in-depth knowledge of the company they work for might be enticing- often this person ends up wearing too many hats and some of the digital marketing areas listed above, will start slipping. Those that can take the heat of every aspect are often pretty costly too- some start at $5,000 a month salary and most go even higher than that.

Deciding to go with an agency will ensure that you have experts in every area of online marketing. From SEO and SEM to the content that drives visitors to your site. Agencies make it a point to staff the best of the best, to better help their clients. The best part? That agency is paying for the expert’s salary and not you.

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency for your marketing needs, contact Digital Marketing Sapiens today. We are experts in the digital marketing field and promise a 3 to 1 ROI, and we can be reached at 210-582-5842 or visit our website to learn more.

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