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Our social media strategy consultants in San Antonio address four key points to give your company complete social media exposure.

1. Social Business Strategy Definition & Planning

  • Assess any current social media program and make recommendations on short and long term opportunities.
  • Define social business direction and vision.
  • Develop a program or project roadmap.
  • Teach guiding principles and training for social media marketing.
  • Create a dashboard for measuring ROI (Return on Influence and Return on Investment).
  • Assign roles and responsibilities for clear communication and wise use of resources.

2. Governance and Internal Adoption

  • Conduct stakeholder analysis that outlines management principles and implementation goals for success.
  • Define each team’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Create social media guidance for the company.
  • Integrate social media with other established company teams.
  • Prioritize social media programs for long term integrated strategies that see the greatest results.

3. Social Media Implementation & Consumer Engagement

  • Outline social media playbook rules, including best practices, dashboard management, resource management, and implementation strategies.
  • Identify and recommend appropriate technological tools for social media.
  • Address planning stages of social media campaigns and manage them every step of the way.
  • Create a comprehensive content strategy leveraging UGC (user generated content) as its base.
  • Establish social media as a vital customer service channel.

4. Brand Monitoring and Reputation Management

  • Identify and engage with brand influencers.
  • Daily media monitoring.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring.
  • Event monitoring.
  • Crisis monitoring.
  • Sentiment analysis.
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