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As a Web design and development company, we have the unique opportunity of being personally involved in the development and success of websites for businesses in and around San Antonio.

Mobile Website Design and Development – Go Responsive

A mobile website or responsive website is designed for the smaller touchscreens of mobile devices, and having one is becoming increasingly important to online success. Studies show that by 2014, more people will access the Internet over mobile devices like smartphones and tablets than through desktop computers.

At Digital Marketing Sapiens, we combine knowledge, experience, acumen and talent to produce cutting edge solutions in the field of mobile web development. As a leading mobile development company, we always endeavor to render exceptional web design and development services to our customers. These comprehensive services for both traditional and mobile websites led Digital Marketing Sapiens customers in San Antonio, Houston, and Austin to expand their business activity.

Mobile Commerce

Design is everything for a mobile commerce website. The right presentation makes the difference between making sales and losing customers, just like it does in a brick and mortar store.
We use our SEO expertise to your advantage, ensuring that your dynamic site can be indexed easily by search engines. Our team works closely with you to create a digital roadmap based on your company’s unique goals and objectives.

How we help

  • Consult with you about mobile strategy options.
  • Develop a mobile-friendly website based on your needs.
  • Design mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, Android) for your company.
  • Help launch your next virtual marketing campaign.

Mobile Applications

Digital Marketing Sapiens develops mobile phone applications, better known as apps. We built apps for both iPhone and Android platforms.

iPhone App Development

iPhone application development works with Apple’s proprietary operating system platform. We specialize in:

  • iPhone content development.
  • HTML pages.
  • Graphics.
  • iPhone mobile website development.

We have an expert programmer who designs iPhone application development from the ground up. This way we can completely address your business needs when it comes to creating apps.

Android App Development

Android apps run on Google’s Android platform for mobile devices. Our mobile application developers work within the Android framework using Java. We are proficient at creating android applications, testing the apps in a simulator, and porting the apps to mobile devices.

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