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How To Use Linkedin To Find Clients

LinkedIn is a powerful social media site that connects professionals from all over the world. It is important to make sure your profile on LinkedIn is professional, detailed, and filled out as much as possible.

When looking for clients it is important to use many methods. It is important that you diversify yourself as much as possible so you are able to attract many prospective clients. There are two main ways to attract people on LinkedIn for your business.

  1. Joining Groups
  2. Building a Network


Joining Groups

Joining groups is a must on LinkedIn. When you join a group your profile becomes easily accessible to all those who are interested in your company. There are many types of groups you can join on Linkedin. For example, there are groups for previous affiliations such as high school, college, service projects, and professional networks. There are also groups of similar workplace/industries such as “Digital Marketing Professionals” or “Small Business Owners”. These groups can be as large as thousands of users all over the world or even made just for your own city! Lastly there are groups that you might be targeting clients from. For example, if you are a restaurant marketing firm you can join groups of chefs or small business owners to target them.

Joining groups is not where it ends. It is important to converse in the group with professionals, which causes your profile to be viewed more. Do not be the one recruiter who messages everyone right away as soon as as you join a new group! It is important to get acquainted with a group and filter through active profiles  to see what their needs are.


Building a Network

Building a network is the most important part of LinkedIn. Whether you are looking for a job or looking for people to hire, people will stumble across your profile and there are many key attributes to your profile that you should make sure are fully covered.

  • Picture: Having a picture is a very important part of having a linkedIn account. People will leave profiles within five seconds if there is no picture to back up who a certain person is. A picture is a professional headshot only of you.
  • Professional Headline: A professional headline is the first thing someone will come across as it is right next to your picture. The headline is editable so make sure it covers everything you do and make it clean to read.
  • Summary: Your summary of your profile is something that can be almost  as long as you would like. A summary should be crisp and clean. The summary should be your elevator speech written out which includes your past, your current job, where you would like to be and your mission on Linkedin.
  • Uploaded work: Uploaded work is great for businesses and professionals as they can showcase their work here. Whether it’s pictures of your small business or your portfolio, this is a great way to show future clients evidence of your talent.
  • Experience: Filling out your experience is very important as it shows a clear definition of what you have done and what you can do. Your previous experience can appear as a paragraph or bullets, all depending on personal preference, and the amount you would like to write.
  • Skills and Endorsements: Skills and Endorsements are a great way to show value to everything you can do. Skills and Endorsements are skills you think you do well in and people who can endorse you for those. The more endorsements you have the higher it ranks on your profile. It is important to not have too many endorsements so your profile doesn’t look over crowded.
  • Education: It is important to include all your educational background such as your degree and what organizations you participated in.

Having a profile completely filled out is important for key word searches on LinkedIn. Perspective employers can use key word searches such as “accountant” along with a city or company to see who comes up. It’s very important that your profile covers key words that can easily be found.

Having a LinkedIn account can make finding clients a lot easier. It is important to develop a proper account before doing so, fill it out 100%, and stay active with your account!



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