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How To Use Instagram To Market Your Business


mobile Instagram ad


Instagram is a social media platform tailor made for reaching young audiences with photography and videos. About 90% of the 150 million users on Instagram are between the ages of 18 and 35.


Instagram, unlike most other social platforms, is primarily focused on images. This different strategy has many benefits for businesses and marketers!


When setting up a campaign, here are some of your options:


  • Clicks To Website is an campaign setting where, when your image is clicked on, viewers will be directed to a specific part of your website.
  • Website Conversion is an option where your audience is measured by how many people take specific actions on your website.
  • Mobile App Installs gets people to install your apps.
  • Mobile App Engagement focuses on getting more activity on your mobile app for those who have it.
  • Video Views encourages more views on a selected video using specific demographics
  • Reach And Frequency tracks a campaign’s reach within a specific niche audience that it is targeted towards.
  • Mass Awareness provides impressions and placement at the top ad position.
  • Page Post Engagement gets people to engage with your photo.


With so many different ways to take advantage of Instagram, it is a great outlet to reach your target audience and spread your awareness. But how exactly is your message viewed on Instagram?


  1. Photo Ads: A photo ad is an advertisement comprised of a single photo. This acts as a snapshot of your company. In your bio, you can include your information, along with a call-to-action. It’s simple and clean!
  1. Video Ads: A video ad is similar to a photo ad but, instead of a still photo, it has a video with sound for up to 30 seconds. It is a great way to have a quick, engaging commercial reach people who are interested in visual content.
  1. Carousel Ads: A carousel ad brings a lot more to the table than a photo ad! A carousel ad can have multiple pictures, letting viewers swipe back and forth between the images, and a call-to-action slide that takes you to a website so you can learn even more!


The question is then, aside from ads, how else can I grow my business using this social media platform?


Instagram statistics


Social media contests are often times very successful. On Instagram, you can help your client base grow because of the surplus of likes, follows, and comments. Have followers post pictures with your hashtag, like a picture and comment, or do a series of tasks!


Remember to reference your Instagram accounts on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yelp, to help lead prospective followers to your account.


Another great way of growing your audience on Instagram is sharing it in person at your locations! There is no better way to grow an audience than by simply telling someone in person to join you on Instagram. Reminders can be sent out too using emails or post cards as well!


Instagram is a very powerful tool as it creates a connection between a picture and a product to the consumer. With over a 150 million people on Instagram, it is a great resource for those who want to show off what they’ve got and grow an audience!



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