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Twitter Tools For Creating A Targeted Campaign

Twitter currently has 332 million users worldwide. To give you some perspective, the US population is currently 318 million people, 14 million LESS than Twitter! With Twitter having so many users word wide, advertising on twitter is a great way to generate a strong following base and spreading your message!


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When helping a client create advertisements, remember that Twitter has a complex base. Clients can select from a list of options on how to reach users who are most likely to become future clients. Some of these include:


  1. Language targeting focuses on the primary language the user “tweets”
  2. Gender targeting helps clients find relevant audiences for gendered products, such as women’s fashion or men’s shaving kits.
  3. Interest targeting finds those who have specific interests, like a film, football, or traveling.
  4. Follower targeting focuses on those who follow a specific twitter account.
  5. Device targeting goes after those who use twitter on a specific device. This is useful, for example, for iPad Cases who only want to target iPad users.
  6. Behavior targeting uses past actions on social media accounts to target an audience.
  7. Tailored audiences targeting uses CRM lists to target specific groups of people.
  8. Keyword targeting targets those using specific keywords when tweeting, such as “tools” for people who are looking for a new toolkit.
  9. Geography targeting hones in on those in a specific geographic location.


Having a presence on twitter is a great way to share small snippets of information! A brief 140-character limit forces users to think creatively about how they want to share their message in a form of a headline!


twitter online advertising


Twitter can also create a variety of campaigns as well. When planning a campaign, make sure you know the different types of campaigns, your end goal, and what resources you have available to use!


  1. Website Clicks Campaign: The first type of campaign is called a website click campaign. This campaign focuses on increasing site visits, conversions and sales. With so many people using twitter to follow accounts that interest them, this type of campaign helps bring new leads to your business by effectively showcase your products or services.
  2. Building and Audience: The second type of audience is a campaign to build an audience. According to a research statistic by Twitter, 85% of users feel they are more connected to a business after following it on social media. Building an audience is important as its creates a personal bond. This is a great way of softly engaging with followers until they need your product or service.
  3. Engagements Campaign: This campaign is about creating authentic conversations with those who have similar interest as your company! Displaying content that customers can and want to relate to builds a brand image in which twitter users will want to engage with and read posts!


Although twitter might have a shorter character count and not as many followers on Facebook, Twitter is a great way for users to establish their businesses, create a loyal following, and help continue to grow their business over time!



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