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Top Digital Marketing Practices for HVAC Companies

Air conditioning will never go out of style in Texas! During winter months, some people swaddle themselves in blankets if the heater goes out, but what if the AC goes out? You’re out of luck. There aren’t many ways to cool off in Texas, which is why there will always be a need for air conditioning companies. With so many companies to choose from, people need to make sure they are choosing the right company.

Digital marketing is essential for air conditioning companies – especially in areas where there is so much competition. Digital marketing might sound fancy and intimidating, but it is actually affordable and very effective. 85% of consumers report that they use the internet to find local businesses. 77% of HVAC contractors also have no marketing plan! That means the companies with marketing plans have a huge opportunity to grow their customer base.

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To get started on your marketing plan, here are the top 5 most effective marketing strategies for HVAC companies.


Today, it is essential to have an active online presence. If you don’t have a website, people will probably think you don’t exist or you went out of business.

Think of your website as your lobby. Your website is the first impression people will get from your company. You want to give visitors the best experience by making it easy to navigate, attractive, and user-friendly.

Make sure your website is also mobile-friendly. When people need to find information fast, they will search directly on their mobile phones. 91% of small business websites are not mobile optimized. Just imagine how many potential customers they could be losing. If users are having a hard time with your website, they will find another business with a website they can understand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is when you optimize your website to show up higher on Google. Most people don’t even read past the third listing that shows up in search results – which makes SEO essential if you are trying to stand out.

By using keywords throughout your site, you can make sure to target the right audience. Many businesses have blogs to consistently update their website with relevant information. SEO is the #1 lead generating online tool.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is effective because you can directly reach past customers and potential customers who have shown an interest in your business. When people have a small air conditioning problem, they tend to blow it off and forget to reach out to get it fixed. Email marketing is a great way to remind customers that you’re still here!

People love discounts. Email marketing is a great way to offer special discounts to loyal customers or first time customers. You can also easily update your clients with new information regarding your business.

Social Media Marketing

Sign up your HVAC company on Facebook and LinkedIn to build your brand. On LinkedIn, you can connect with other professionals in your industry and can also post job postings. This is a great way to grow your name in the professional world of HVAC as well.

On Facebook, you can easily connect with customers by offering promotions or responding to their reviews. Facebook also has an impressive advertising tool, and you can even advertise to those who don’t like or follow your page.

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