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influencer marketing san antonio

The Importance of Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing san antonio

Every company struggles with ad budgets and a return on their investment at some point in their life. How many times have you thrown tons and tons of dollars into mail outs and ad spaces just hoping that your ads will reach the right audience? No matter what you do, there is not a way to ensure that mail-out doesn’t get thrown away or that billboard doesn’t get overlooked. That is where influencer marketing comes in! 67% of marketers have said that using influencer marketing has increased their likelihood to communicate with their target audience. If you are a company struggling with marketing, you may need to make the switch.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing VS Traditional Marketing:

Reach: Influencers using social networking sites brought industries to a broader mainstream audience.

Cost: The cost is more effective compared to traditional advertisements. Depending on the number of followers this influencer has, the price can vary.

Longevity: The post will stay on feed longer. For traditional advertisements, you pay for a period of time that the ad stays up. For example, billboards and online advertisements are time sensitive. Influencers can post once for a cost, and it will always stay on their feed.


Typically, influencers will stick to the industry that they primarily promote to their fans, but brands have begun to expand outside of their productions. Some examples of that are a restaurant using a tech influencer and a fashion company utilizing a fitness blogger. Brands that create a direct relationship with the influencers can increase the marketing campaign popularity by having them attend events and promote products consistently.

Expanding to Social Media:

Influencer marketing started with blogs but using social platforms can make the marketing campaigns more impactful for consumers. Some social media sites have now helped influencers and brands work together. The sites can provide sponsored posts and events. Influencers play an impactful role in marketing because they can relate to the target audience in different ways. Influencers implementing the brand into their personal lives will help build a personal connection with consumers. The audience can build trust with the influencers and value their opinion. Building that trust will ultimately lead directly back to the brand.

Who to go to:

At Digital Marketing Sapiens we value creating a trusting relationship with brands and using different forms of digital marketing. One of the many things we do for companies is branding. We know that your brand is as strong as your target audience perceives it. We help businesses that are struggling with branding their companies and using influencers is one way to help with it. People are not practical; we have emotion. Creating that personal connection with brands using influencers is key to digital marketing in most industries. If you are a business struggling with building a brand, let us help you understand the importance of branding for your company.

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