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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services


Social media is a rising trend within the marketing industry and because of that, businesses will need to create a social media presence for their brand marketing. This can help build awareness and gain more customers for your business. Here at Digital Marketing Sapiens in San Antonio, we offer social media marketing services! Our social media strategists address four key points to help businesses with their social media exposure.

  1. Social Business Strategy Definition and Planning: this first point address planning out a social media strategy to gain full exposure and attention through different platforms. We can help by first creating recommendations for short- and long-term opportunities. We will also create a dashboard for measuring ROI plus we will assign roles for our experts to focus on clear communication and plans through the different social media platform.
  2. Governance and Internal Adoption: this step includes creating social media guidance for companies, create teams and define their roles, integrate social media into the teams, and prioritize social media platforms with the different strategies created.
  3. Social Media Implementation and Consumer Engagement: identify and recommend the appropriate technological tools, create content strategies, establish social media channels as customer service options for the company, and address the planning stages for the strategies.
  4. Brand Monitoring and Reputation Management: the last point includes engaging with brand influencers, monitor the media daily, crisis monitoring, and sentiment analysis.

In addition to these four points we address at Digital Marketing Sapiens to help companies with their social media marketing is also focusing on small businesses. We understand sometimes small business owners do not have the time to focus solely on social media to gain awareness, so that is where we come to help! We offer a comprehensive list of social media services for both small and medium enterprises that can help accomplish short term and long-term company goals. These services can help increase sales, gain brand awareness, and increase customers. If you are interested, visit our website or call us today at 210-582-5842.

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