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SEO Tips for Healthcare Practices

In terms of SEO, Google and the other search engines take into consideration hundreds of factors when determining the quality of a web page.

Here are some helpful tips for healthcare practices to improve their SEO:

1. Install and use Google Analytics. More importantly Google Analytics is primarily intended as a tool for marketing people. Free plugins available for WordPress.
2. Publish fresh, original, relevant and interesting content often – Nothing beats writing fresh and original content for your website. Show your expertise using a blog and talk an as an advisor not as a practice. Often can be once a week or few times a week based on your availability.

3. Get your keywords right – Use Google Keyword Tool (free) to determine the most popular search terms.

4. Make the Title of the Post enticing and clickable – Using keywords and phrases in title and the first few line of your post.

5. Use keywords naturally…not too many and not too few. The secret about keywords is to use natural language expressions, descriptions and words the way that the audience thinks about the topic. Write text that communicates, using key words and phrases, but without forcing or keyword “stuffing.”

6. Have or create a site map. Google will find be able to crawl your site faster if it sees a sitemap on it. Have separate sitemaps for content pages, images and videos.

7. Use and rich snippets in Google – With rich snippets and, Google can understand your business much faster and display richer search results. Use it effectively. Here is an example on how your search results can look like on Google


8. Empower and engage your Social Media –
If a page on your website is shared across social media in an impactful way, then the search engines take this into account as a signal that that particular page on your website is quality information on your expertise.

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