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The “Senior” Social Network

When you imagine someone glued to their phone, constantly checking on their social media pages, you likely picture a millennial in your mind’s eye. A few years ago, that mental image was fairly accurate. Most younger people are computer literate and embrace digital communication. However, times are changing! Social media may be incredibly popular among the young ones, but it is also gaining momentum with the young at heart. This is especially true for Facebook.

The Mature Face of Facebook

As of January 2017, 87% of online users between the ages of 18-29 are on Facebook. That is a gigantic percentage. However, the older internet users are sneaking up behind them! 63% of online users ages 50 to 64 are on Facebook. Even more impressively, 56% of those over 65 years old have accounts.

Ask any social media professional what the largest growing demographic on Facebook is, and you’ll learn that it’s people over 55. Over the last 3 years, the number of teens using Facebook declined 25.3%, but adults over 55 exploded with 80.4% growth! Regardless of its origins on college campuses, the face of Facebook is now decidedly more mature.

seniors on facebook statistics

Source: Arcadia Home Care & Staffing

Benefits of Facebook for Seniors

Seniors may not live on the bleeding edge of technology but they have steadily learned how to take advantage of social media. Many senior centers are now offering classes on how to use iPads, and take advantage this growing platform! There is an average of 80 seniors participating in each class. The main reason this generation uses Facebook is to stay in touch with family and friends. They love to see what their relatives are up to and share posts about their loved ones!

Studies have found out that the older adults also enjoy Facebook because it gives them an opportunity to connect with strangers online who share similar interests. Facebook makes them feel like a part of a community, and they have found support from the comfort of technology at home.

This can be especially helpful for seniors with limited mobility. We are social and, when seniors can no longer travel to socialize easily, it can be disheartening. This is especially true for those whose close relatives do not live nearby. Social media platforms give them a way to remain involved. Facebook has helped seniors overcome loneliness and has even helped them perform better cognitively.

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Reaching Seniors on Facebook

If your business caters to older adults, Facebook might just be your best marketing tool. Marketing to an audience of established or retired professionals can be better for many products and services. Teenagers may spend more time online but, by comparison to their parents and grandparents, they have very little spending power. According to a survey by Silversurfers, the most popular type of Facebook posts for those over 50 are nostalgia, human interest, and handy tips. Here’s how marketers can appeal to the older demographics on Facebook.

Ask them directly to take an action

Younger users tend to share things they find funny or interesting so their friends can see it without prompting. They know the platform’s abilities and take advantage naturally. However, older demographics don’t necessarily think to take an action. They may be content to smile, then keep scrolling.

To get the result you want, make sure you say what you want them to do. If you want them to like, share, or comment on your content, tell them! “Please share this with your friends and family!” “Tell us what you think in the comments!” They will listen if you remind them they have the option to interact with your posts.

Personalize your offers

Everyone loves a good deal! However, with younger internet users, novelty and share-ability are frequently the most important decision-making criteria. That is why things like rainbow bagels and unicorn frappuccinos do so well with that demographic.

unicorn frappuccino

Older adults, however, want to feel like they have made a smart decision or received a special offer. Give them a coupon if they like your page. Make sure you continue to engage them through your advertisements! When their shopping history began, they knew sellers personally, so try to create that same relationship with them. “Like our page for a free breakfast item! We can’t wait to see you.”

Use videos to tell a story

Video marketing has even seen a boom with the older demographic. Not only do they respond positively to videos, but they enjoy hearing stories. Use Facebook marketing to its highest capabilities with video storytelling.

Facebook is one of the finest marketing tools today! Although the number of active seniors is growing, it is still dominated by young adults. No matter who you’re trying to reach, Facebook offers one of the best targeting tools so you can reach your ideal audience. Contact Digital Marketing Sapiens to learn how we can help with your Facebook efforts!

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