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YouTube Ads On Display

Reaching Your Audience On YouTube

Following only Google and Facebook, YouTube is ranked as one of the top three visited websites in the world. It’s not hard to understand why! This site is a powerful tool where users can upload, view, rate, share, and comment on videos. YouTube has a wide variety of content from video clips, television clips, music videos, movie trailers, original videos, and educational videos. Sixty hours of videos are uploaded every minute and four billion videos are played daily. The popularity of YouTube makes it the perfect base for a business to market to any target.


What Are The Benefits Of Advertising On YouTube?

  • Connecting with your audience – Video ads are a great way to connect with your audience in a unique way. Your video can be personal, a hard engagement sale, or other forms of engagement.
  • Reaching the right audience – Reaching an audience is the most important part of creating a marketing strategy. No matter how great your advertisement might be, if it does not reach your target audience, it will not lead to sales. YouTube can focus your advertisements towards your costumer is with topics, keywords, or demographics as well.
  • Measuring Analytics – The detailed analytics offered by YouTube is a great way to see how your advertisements are working.


YouTube Advertising


There are two forms of advertisements on YouTube. These options are great ways to help get your ad the exposure and results you want.

  1. In-Stream Ads – In-stream ads are advertisements hat display before, during, or after a video. This advertisement can include call-to-action overlays, cards, companion banners, and other ways for a viewer to land on your website. The company is only charged for an in-stream-ad if a viewer watches the entire advertisement.
  2. In-Display Ads – In-Display-Ads are another way to get viewers to watch your advertisements. These ads are brought up when people are searching on YouTube or browsing videos on YouTube. These advertisements appear near a video and are only charged if someone begins watching your video.


YouTube Ads On Display


Reaching potential customers is easy with the correct steps in place! Keyword contextual targeting is an easy way to make sure that your ad gets to the correct viewers. Selecting demographics is also a great way to reach potential clients as well. For example, a barbecue set can be targeted for men over the age of 30. Topics can also be a great way to target a specific audience. For instance, a textbook company can target those who watch math tutorials. Affinity audiences and custom affinity audiences are a great way to also target interest based groups for your need and tailored to individual brands. In-market audiences are also a great way for those who are researching keyword products or services to ensure your product. Remarketing is the final strategy in which the advertisements will be based off of a search history.


YouTube is a great medium to display your message to clients through advertisements videos which are cost effective to make!



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