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Pollyhop House of Cards

Pollyhop Is Real!

For those of who you watch House of Cards on Netflix, you probably heard about Pollyhop!  Pollyhop is a fictional search engine created by the NSA. The framework of Pollyhop allows someone who has access to it to search  people’s digital records to view specific search habits or any information to help for a personal need. This helps someone (a person running for office, for instance) to get the results they want and steer people (voters) in the direction they choose.


Pollyhop House of Cards


This TV show concept is actually a true practice. Called Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a powerful tool to help pull traffic in your direction! To understand this concept let us take the city of San Antonio, Texas as an example.


San Antonio Riverwalk


In San Antonio there are over 4,100 restaurants not including all fast food joints and trucks. If there is a restaurant that focuses on barbecue foods that wants to help develop their brand, they can use digital marketing and SEO to help make them the best barbecue restaurant in San Antonio!


Search Engine Optimization SEO


It’s important to have an SEO company or SEO agency find keywords to help you boost your internet traffic. Having a keywords listing will then help you use certain keywords such as “bbq food in San Antonio” or “restaurants in San Antonio” will help lead more people to your page. Analytics go through geographically to see what words people are using. It is important to use this to your advantage! If your restaurant is in a specific part of town you can use posts such as “barbecue in San Antonio” or get specific with keywords such as “barbecue restaurant in Stone Oak.”


This can work in your Internet marketing as well. San Antonio is a large city with many restaurants. Using social media and a mobile website can help direct traffic if short SEO  blogs are posted on the Internet and lead to your website.


It is important to promote your social media and ratings to your clients because 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal reviews. All these Internet marketing and search engine marketing tools will help bring more clients to your business today!


This relates back to Pollyhop in that companies can use keywords to their benefit. Using “steakhouse in San Antonio” in your website copy can help you rank higher on search engines, causing more people to visit your mobile website or mobile app.


Search Engine Optimization works with search engines, social media, blog posts on your website, and apps which all need to be used effectively in your business!



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