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How to Pick A Digital Marketing Company

When picking a digital marketing firm, you have to do your research! You are investing in someone to bring business to you. That isn’t a decision to make lightly. This firm is one that you will be working closely with along with investment a lot of money in as well. When picking a company to represent it is important to look at these five main aspects:

  1. Their website
  2. Their portfolio
  3. Consulting with them
  4. Do their services fit your needs?
  5. How much are they willing to invest in you?


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A Digital Marketing firm should have responses prepared for any questions you bring regarding these things, as they are key for potential clients. Here is the value in exploring each of these five main aspects with a digital marketing agency.


  1. Their Website: A digital marketing firm’s main responsibility is making your company look presentable to the public. A company who wants to represents others must have a clean and presentable webpage that will show a sample of everything they can offer for you. Their website should be able to tell a story of why they want you to be their client and why you should join with them. If they cannot sell themselves, they cannot sell you! Be sure to go through their website for their previous work, research their team, and also their services offered.


  1. Their Portfolio: Any business that you partner with must understand and design your vision for you. When looking through a company’s portfolio, be sure to look at their style of content and layouts. Note the items you would like for your own business and how the agency has implemented that material into their portfolio. Also, be sure to look at their past or present clients whose businesses are similar to yours and see their work. Companies will often allow you to reach out to their previous contacts and references . Take advantage of this to see how their service will be five months from now. It’s helpful to know how an agency will treat you when they are not when they are trying to win you over.


  1. Consulting With Them: Most companies will offer you a free consultation. Using that free consultation, carefully note their take on your business and their thoughts on an action plan. If possible, meet face-to-face. This helps you obtain the most out of the meeting. When consulting, be sure to take notes on what they say, what they do not say, and what they will follow up on after a contract. These three key conversation points will help show their take on your business and how open they are to building a partnership with you. It is important to remember that they will not give all their tools and answers away. Instead, note their speaking styles and how helpful they are.


  1. Do Their Services Fit Your Needs? It’s quite possible that a company you are looking into might be great and has won awards in their area but also might not specialize or focus on your needs. This means that you have to ask questions and research what your needs are when going into the meeting to see if this company can do what you need for them to do. Digital marketing is a very broad field that can range from social postings to search engine optimization, awareness campaigns to landing page design. Some wonderful companies might not have the experience in the area you are looking for or might not have the resources needed to complete the task you have in mind.


  1. How Much Are They Willing To Invest In You? This does not mean how much money will they invest in you. Instead, time is money! Look at the size of the business in relation to the clients they have and consider where you may fall in that line up. If your project is significantly smaller than what they usually do, you may not get priority treatment. Likewise, if you are a big fish in a small pond, your project may be overwhelming and could require more resources than they have available. It is important to understand what your needs are before going in so you can find the proper fit. Make sure to come to an understanding of what they will do for you to reach your end goal so you both have clear expectations of what the other is investing in your success.


Picking a digital marketing firm is a big step! Whoever you choose will help you present your business and your passion to the world. They need to be a reliable, proactive, and esteemed corporation to take charge of your digital marketing so you can focus on other aspects of your business!



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