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New Year, New Office For Digital Marketing Sapiens!

The Digital Marketing Sapiens team worked hard and played hard all 2016 long! We met new people, went new places, and discovered new tools as we overcame challenges together. When we look back over every project we worked on this last year, it feels like 2016 went by entirely too fast. What can we say? Time flies when you’re having fun!

Digital Marketing Sapiens Team Photos 2016

Thank you so much to our wonderful clients, who entrusted their businesses’ marketing to us in 2016. Whether we ran Facebook campaigns, built your website, or photographed your event, we enjoyed helping you succeed. Working with you was an honor and we look forward to bigger, better things in 2017!

At the start of 2016, the One Question Reputation App was more concept than reality. Since then, we have held press conferences, run booths at tradeshows, and seen businesses embrace the idea of taking the online-review-bull by the horns. Every step we took in 2016 added up to huge progress and set up 2017 to be even more impressive!

Throughout all of this, there was one constant… The DMS office!

For those of you who have not visited us at the San Antonio Technology Center, our space could be described in many fond ways. Well-used. Intimate. Communal. Tan.

While we had several spaces on the first floor, all equally neutral in tone, the scattered offices did not keep up with our company’s growth. Our closet was bursting with tradeshow materials and our whiteboards bore the evidence of an incalculable number of colorful brainstorming sessions. Each new team member meant another round of musical desks as we attempted to keep ourselves contained.

Our space reflected our minds: overflowing with ideas and a bit cramped!

Old Digital Marketing Sapiens Office

At Digital Marketing Sapiens, we enjoy each other’s company but even we have limits to how friendly we want to be! When you can play accidental bumper cars, something needs to change.

That is why, for the new year, Digital Marketing Sapiens is starting fresh in a new office! We are still in the San Antonio Technology Center. However, instead of using the technology suites on the first floor, we have a fresh, beautiful office on the second floor.

Our new suite number is 200!

One incredible benefit of this move is that we were allowed to customize the space to fit both our practical needs and the tone of our company. Having a space that looks how we feel is an absolute game changer!

When choosing colors, we knew that we needed Digital Marketing Sapiens’ blues and greens. However, the One Question Reputation App’s orange is so striking that we couldn’t leave it out. Above all else, we wanted to be creative and welcoming!

New Digital Marketing Sapiens office colors

When you walk through the front of the new space, you can see, right away, what a colorful place you’ve entered. Content creation and client management rooms have bright green accent walls. Trust us, nothing wakes you up like being inside a granny smith apple!

The sales rooms have our darkest color, blue. It is nice and calm. More importantly, the sales team can FINALLY close their door when making or taking calls. Instead of banishing our sales team to the far office so the other teams can work quietly, everyone is connected now, while maintaining the ability to segment when needed.

Finally, Ajay Tejwani’s office has the brightest wall of all! His orange space will serve both as his office and a meeting room. Between the wall length window and this “cinnamon stone” wall, there is no shortage of light and energy in there!

We polished the new office off with metal!

After some chin scratching, we took a trip to Lowe’s for inspiration. That’s when we knew that, to tie the entire office together, we needed something SHINY! Throughout our office, we included sheet metal.

Digital marketing sapiens metal office

Once we decided on sheet metal in the office, we realized that we had our new look. Decorating the rest of the rooms was after that. We knew what our target was!

decorating the DMS office

The new Digital Marketing Sapiens office is absolutely incredible!

We could not be happier with out our office turned out. It’s fantastic to feel like we have a space that reflects us and provides room for growth.


One of the biggest changes for us is that now we are thrilled by the idea of entertaining clients. The San Antonio Technology Center provides a communal meeting room but it isn’t the same as hosting guests on your own. Now that we have a space that is truly ours, we would love the opportunity to show you around it!

Call us at (210) 582-5842 and schedule a time to drop by. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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