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New Google Trends Are TRENDY!

Content creators’ prayers have been answered. Today, Google rolled out its biggest update to Google Trends since 2012 with real-time data and a redesigned, intuitive homepage are the biggest boons for content marketers.

Google surveyed hundreds of journalists across the globe. And it looks like these respondents desired three big things:

  1. real-time information,

  2. a focus on storytelling

  3. curated data sets.

First, let’s look at the new story-heavy homepage. Visiting Google Trends now presents you with a list of featured stories based on what is gaining traction on Google Search, YouTube, and Google News.


Clicking on a topic will take you to a page with some helpful information, like

1. the most relevant articles on that topic

2. interest over time

3. interest by region

4. trending searches

Each featured story also includes specially curated data.

You can now search each of Google’s 100 billion monthly searches minute by minute to see how topics have gained traction across the web.

Finally, Google’s News Lab team will publish data sets about key trends on their GitHub page. You can download these sets to perform your own analyses on Google’s biggest stories.

With all of these changes, journalists and content marketers should be able to find and use detailed and informative data more than ever before.

Use these features and share with us what you think.


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