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What Makes An Outstanding Landing Page?

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Gone should be the days when landing pages were unattractive, unappealing, and just plain boring. And yet, these horrible web pages still exist! It’s 2016 —  a perfect time to make every digital media source top-notch. But how do you pull this off? In the smartest way possible, of course. Here are a few features that make your landing page engaging, enticing and even a bit exciting.


Have a Landing Page That’s Relative to your Hyperlink

This is called message match. If you’re offering a promotion that offers 50% off your product and you send your potential customers to your homepage, it makes them less likely to search for this deal and more likely to press the back button. The copy for your landing page should highlight this deal and be the first thing they see. It works even better if a “buy now” button is one click away.


Bring an Information Scent

Your customers’ buying process  starts with them first seeing the ad. Once they click the link that sends them to your landing page, you want them to be assured that they went to the correct site and that they should be just as comfortable on your site as they are from the place they saw your ad. This means that there needs to be some association between the site that brought them to your product and the landing page.

Example: If your ad was placed on, placing their logo somewhere on your landing page will show your customers that they landed in the correct place.


Make your Contact Form as Simple as Possible

Simple contact information is critical. The less work customers have to do to contact you for services, the better. Assigning long forms to fill out or hiding your contact form is almost like you’re giving the impression that you want to display an awesome thing that no one is allowed to have.

If your product is a tangible object, it’s still important to have a simple, easy-to-find contact form. It establishes the fact that a customer can reach out to you whenever something is wrong. This is something that a customer looks for when considering to buy.


Make your Call to Action Impossible to Miss

Show them the reason for clicking your ad, and then give them the chance to make the conversion right then and there. Forcing them to scroll down, open a new window, or fill out information will just be one more thing keeping them from buying your product.


Get Feedback for Each and Every Landing Page

Your definition of an outstanding landing page may be different from everyone else’s, so it’s important to know if your landing page is universally appealing. If it’s not captivating to anyone you ask, it certainly won’t be attractive to your target audience.


Save Your Best for Last

Wait until your potential customer is aiming for the exit button before showing that pop up that allows them to receive a discount, free resource or better alternative for staying on the page. If you present your wild card too early, you’ll be giving them the opportunity to spend less before they even decide that they want to buy. Or, worse, your spontaneous pop-up will discourage them from staying on the page for another second.

Check out an example of an eye-catching landing page here, or click here to see what Digital Marketing Sapiens can do for you.



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