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How To Make Your Healthcare Image Stand Out

Usually meeting with your local doctor is the most convenient way to get a checkup, but there are times when patients will go out of their way to see a doctor who shines a little brighter than the rest.

Engaging Doctor

Whether it’s because of the friendly employees, the relaxing setting, or simply what your patients have heard online, you’ll naturally attract more people to your office if you have an image that resonates on and offline. Here are just a few simple ways to go above and beyond so your patients will do the same for you.

Give Your Patients A Reason Why You Stand Out

The secret to being exceptional is to give your patients an experience that is satisfying enough to tell others about you, whether that’s through online reviews or word of mouth.

Do you have a skill that not many other doctors have? Maybe you have a great sense of humor. Maybe you do a great job calming your patients before a procedure. Do something when you’re interacting with them that’s different and pleasing. This can be something as simple as offering candy after each visit to giving a warm goodbye before they leave. Little things make a big difference, and they will trigger the decision to post a positive online review on your website.

Make Everything About Their Visit Easier

Another method you can use to encourage positive feedback is to simplify the experience. From relaxing waiting rooms to quick check ups — anything that makes your patient’s obligation to go through the process of a doctor’s visit simple will work in your favor. One thing that is very attractive to patients is the ability to fill out forms online before a visit. If you can encourage them to bring the appropriate forms to their appointment, it can give them the convenience of skipping the waiting room and going straight to the doctor.

Be Facebook Friendly

South Texas Spinal Clinic does an excellent job making their Facebook page noticeable and engaging. When your website has an extension to your Facebook page it leaves an image that is friendly and responsive. A Facebook page allows you to give daily impressions by posting frequently, and even the chance to catch the eyes of future patients. The more social networks you have tied to your services, the more people you’ll be able to connect with. This will quickly establish loyalty and advocacy.

Important: Be sure that you can maintain all the social networks you use. Being inactive in any one will leave your patients wondering why you aren’t attentive. Usually, it’s best to start with Facebook and then try new social networks as you get comfortable.

Build An Online Presence That Goes Beyond Reviews

When you have only online reviews to shape your image as a person or brand, you’re giving 100% of the power to your customers, whether they are satisfied with your service or not.

Remember that it only takes one aggressive post to create enough negative tension to cancel a  doctor’s appointment, especially when patients are trying to find a reason to avoid the visit. If you have a website, you’ve already created a solid image for your services. You can boost it even more with testimonials from the 1 Question Reputation App.

These are only four ways to make your personality count and build trust with your patients. Look for other ways to improve around your office and in your online profile that may not seem small, because they may actually send a powerful message. They could be  the difference between gaining new patients and losing those you’ve already seen.

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