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Why is Social Media Crucial to Custom Builders?

The surging use of smart phones and social networking sites is changing how businesses operate all over the world. In a competitive construction industry, custom builders can tap into social media’s power to stand out from the pack. Utilizing social media allows builders to create local networks, form new relationships, and take advantage of customer referrals. However, to use social media effectively requires a clear strategy and smart use of all available resources.
A smart, personalized social media campaign is crucial in gaining the edge over competitors. Let us create a custom plan for your business so that you can gain the edge on your competition.
How can builders use social media? Here are the Top 5 uses for social media networking and marketing among custom builders:

Top 5 uses for social media networking and marketing among custom builders

  • Provide interactive, direct, and open communication with new customers, returning customers, and realtors.
  • Promote vacant lots with information on surrounding areas.
  • Showcase a company’s custom design style to customers looking to remodel.
  • Highlight past projects with pictures and positive feedback.
  • Position the company as an expert in the field by offering homeowner tips, community news, and trend reports within the construction field.


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