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The Importance Of Having An Easy And Usable Website

Having a user friendly website is an important necessity with the new page of digital marketing. User friendly websites are necessary to help turn browsers into customers. A usable website must be:

  • Easy to navigate through
  • Familiar to other websites
  • Consistent throughout the page
  • Prevent errors and dead pages
  • Must be clear to read and images crisp
  • Flexible and Effective to the need of the browser

website usability

As for a business it is important to have a website that is user friendly and usable across all platforms to different types of users. Mobile users and desktop users are very different and it is important to have a website on the web that functions well for those who use their computers.

Avoiding Clutter And The Importance Of Simplicity

When creating a website it is important to avoid clutter. Visitors will not stay long on a website with an overwhelming amount of information and difficult to sort through. A website should be simple, easy to navigate through, and have a eye compelling image to capture the viewer.

Fitts’s Law

The concept of Fitts’s Law is an important concept when it comes to website designing. When UX (User Experience) designers help design a website they take eye tracking case studies to see how they can make the website more effective for users.

baby face text  baby face text 1

A simple case study example is the idea of the “Baby Face Text.” In this case study it proves that if the child is facing the text it will help lead to view reading the content on the page instead of focusing on the child. Other case studies such as “F-Shaped Patterns” mentions users who focus on the left side of the screen compared to the right side. In this case, it makes it easier for UX Designers to help create an effective website for their clients.

Familiarity To Other Webpages And An Easy Sitemap

easy sitemap

Even though every person wants their webpage to appear unique, it is important to have consistent characteristics to other webpages. Many webpage designers should want their users to have a conscious guidance on how to navigate through a webpage without finding trouble. For example, 96% of webpages on the web have a navigation bar on the top of the screen to help navigate through the different pages on the webpage. This ties into having a helpful sitemap as it helps visitors cut to any page they need to get to. Having an adaptable sitemap with search engine optimization helps increase the rankings of your page.

Constantly Updating And Being SEO Friendly

Constantly updating your website is an important factor in helping your webpage stay up to date with information and help serve to your service or business’s ability. Social Media can easily link back to your website always bringing in new traffic as you update your website about raising awareness and conducting sales. Another important reason to constantly update your website is to be SEO Friendly! When Google Search Engines scan words on a webpage, they develop a list of keywords that will help your page in search rankings to increase its viability to those searching. Being SEO friendly helps you take advantage of that in which you can insert key words repeatedly, as long as it makes sense, into your blogs and updated writing. This is done to constantly stay at the top of search engines when people google keywords relating to your business.

The importance of having a usable and easy website cannot be emphasized enough as many businesses fail to convert visitors into consumers due to poor website management. Your webpage should give the customers a chance to learn more about you and the efforts you make into creating a user friendly webpage.

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