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Hiring an Agency VS In-House Marketing: Taking an Informed Decision

digital marketing san antonio

One of the biggest decisions that startups, SMBs or even corporates need to make is whether to opt for hiring an agency or settle for in-house marketing. Even if you forget the monetary aspects, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. Being one of the best hubs of digital marketing in San Antonio, we can help you take an informed decision. Here are some essential points, which will come to your rescue:

  • Use of Latest Tools, Trends and Technologies – Admit it, even when you have the most talented professional working for your company, he/she will not be able to keep up to speed with the latest trend on the market or be aware of the tools and technologies to use in limited time.

Hiring an agency solves this problem to a large extent because they will have professionals who’ll already have expertise in almost all forms of marketing, use the latest tools (this saves your expense) and are up-to-date with the current trends (no need for training). Hence, you know which option is better in this case!

  • Wider Range of Skills – When you opt for an agency, you can be assured of getting more skills under the same roof, be it design, copywriting, digital marketing or project management. You may not have all these professionals with this wide range of skills working in your company. Even if you go ahead and build a team from scratch, it will add to the costs. Moreover, it will take up a lot of time to train them and make them familiar with the project/company culture. Agency professionals on the other hand needn’t be oriented from the very beginning and you can depend on them to work on the project right away using their wide range of skills.
  • Flexibility in Budget – Another sure-shot benefit of hiring an agency for marketing is getting more flexibility in terms of your budget. You can choose an agency depending on your current budget for the project and even scale it up or down based on the agreement. Moreover, you can always hire them on a per-project basis and reduce the spend when you don’t need to aggressively market any product or service. When it comes to in-house marketing, you have to continue keeping the team on a payroll even when the marketing activities needs slowing down. This can put you in a fix, especially when you want to cut down overheads.
  • Fresh Perspective – When you have in-house marketers working closely on projects, sometimes they tend to let go of the big picture. This is because working on the same project day in and night out can lead to fatigue and may also suppress their creativity to an extent. Agencies on the other hand are used to shuffling multiple projects with equal aplomb and will assign different professionals for your project. By hiring them you can be assured of getting a fresh perspective for your campaigns.

These are some of the subtle nuances between going for in-house marketing or outsourcing it by choosing an agency. While you can always settle for the latter to be on the safe side, you can strike a balance where you may have a person from your firm working as a point of contact to constantly keep in touch with the agency and together, they can come up with brilliant ideas that work for the brand. If you are interested in learning more about digital marketing agencies and what Digital Marketing Sapiens can do for you then please give us a call at 210-584-5842 or visit our website.

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