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Healthcare Marketing Goes Mobile

In today’s digital world, patients and clients are on the go, and they are using Mobile Apps from their smart phones, tablets, or other mobile devices to get information they need. When they are looking for a doctor, a lawyer or a mechanic, the first place they search is Google. That’s why Mobile Apps are so important for healthcare marketing.

Also, Mobile Apps allow patients to get all YOUR information at their fingertips in one simple App. It is important that your App works across multiple mobile application platforms so you can reach all patients whether they use an iPhone, an iPad, an Android Phone, or a Windows Phone. A Physician Group Practice is a business, for example, where a Mobile App can help get new patients and retain existing ones. We all know that the first place patients go to search for doctors and specialists is ONLINE.

If your practice is online, and you have an App that users can download to their devices, your practice will make an excellent impression that it is up to date with technology. Wouldn’t you prefer to see a doctor that stays abreast of advanced technology? At a glance they will be able to see and open your App to see the list of services you provide and how to make an appointment.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of Mobile Apps for medical practices (and businesses). You can:

  • Communicate directly with your patients and build loyalty.
  • Reinforce your brand and promote your practice.
  • Increase the number of patients through referrals from your own patient base.
  • Make your practice available, especially after hours and on weekends.
  • Connect with your on-the-go patients at any time.

As you can see, the benefits for your practice can be huge. But they are also huge for patients because they can:

  • Have easy access to your practice.
  • Get PUSH-notifications of special events, health seminars, Flu Shot reminders, etc.
  • Have one-touch access to your contact information.
  • Get directions to your practice location from wherever they are.
  • Make appointments directly from your App, which is faster and easier.
  • Get PUSH-notifications to remind them of appointments and to take their medications.

As you can see, your patients will benefit greatly from your App. By now, you should presume – the future of your practice (or business) depends on your ability to get your medical practice App inserted on the phones of patients in the areas you serve…even around the world. You need to go mobile and be prepared to grow.

Important fact: Promotional email messages receive about a 4% read rate. PUSH-notifications 97%.
Not only will your Mobile App be a cool marketing tool (allowing you to say things like, visit our website to download our free app!) that will help get patients returning to your website, but it will allow you to engage with your patients in a whole new way.


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