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Google Invites Digital Marketing Sapiens to Become Trusted Photographers

Digital Marketing Sapiens                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 7/18/2017
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Google Invites Digital Marketing Sapiens to Become Trusted Photographers

San Antonio, TX: On July 11th, Digital Marketing Sapiens was invited to become Google Street View Trusted Photographers for their 360 photography.

Digital Marketing Sapiens is one of the only Google Trusted Photographers in San Antonio who offers full suite of Digital Marketing services as well. To be a Google Trusted Photographer, you must meet strict criteria regarding 360 image quality, connectivity, and appropriateness for over 50 submitted photos. Qualified photographers receive a special invitation from Google to join their “trusted” team of professional photographers. Only Google Trusted Photographers have the approval to create virtual tours for a Google business listing on Google, Google Maps, and Google +.

Digital Marketing Sapiens is helping companies create virtual tours of their business. Potential customers can virtually walk through the business from anywhere in the world! 360 businesses gain higher visibility when consumers search on Google Maps for a business in a geographic area.

Digital Marketing Sapiens’ photographers will photograph numerous areas inside and outside of a business with a 360 camera. Then, they will stitch the pictures together, create a tour, and upload the product to the appropriate Google listing. Businesses can trust Digital Marketing Sapiens to provide high-quality, Google approved virtual tours for their listings.

About Digital Marketing Sapiens: Digital Marketing Sapiens is an award-winning global digital marketing agency located in San Antonio, Texas, with offices in Dubai, Serbia, and India. We provide leading-edge social media strategies and digital marketing techniques, including website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, iOS and android mobile app development, and mobile marketing for small businesses and healthcare companies. Digital Marketing Sapiens has worked with a wide range of businesses, from large Fortune 200 companies to local businesses. Please, feel free to call us at 210-582-5842.

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