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Why Facebook Is The Perfect Platform For Online Marketing

Over 1.6 billion active users are logging into their personal Facebook accounts every month. As one of the largest internet-based companies in the world, this social network gives people, businesses and communities the ability to share events, products, and so much more. Never before has it been easier to reach so many people so quickly. This makes Facebook a gold mine for online advertising.


Some may argue that promoting your goods or services online is a waste of time. Those are the people who don’t understand that online marketing is not like creating a single memorable impression (like a billboard), but the creation of an online reputation that engages their customers and multiplies their reach each time a post is shared.


Take a look at the figure below and think about how this traditional marketing funnel applies to one of the newest methods of marketing using Facebook.


traditional marketing funnel


In social media marketing, awareness can be anything from creating an online profile to promoting your posts for millions to see.


The consideration stage occurs when a consumer’s friends and family are involved with your brand, product, or service in some way. Alternatively, consideration can also be given through online reviews. (So make sure you have a good online reputation!)


Facebook makes it easier than ever to jump through the intent stage. Whereas businesses previously had to urge consumers to remember to buy their product, customers can simply access the checkout button that allows them to purchase their product then and there.

But online marketing doesn’t stop there. Once a customer is familiar with your brand, they’ll be more than likely to continue their purchases with you. When a consumer conveys their personal image to your brand, they’ll usually take actions to show their loyalty, such as follow your page on social media or engage in an online conversation.


The advocacy stage is the ideal area for businesses to retain their customers. This is when a consumer of your brand enjoys a product so much, they feel the need to share their contentment with others on their personal profile. This is where awareness increases, and the funnel repeats for new customers who can now get familiar with your brand.


Other media outlets may be good mediums for getting your brand recognized, but with today’s mobile capabilities, selling your products on the internet and spreading awareness online will lead to conversations that only take the click of a link and the push of a button. Rather than reminding your potential customers to use your product or service with a commercial, a sponsored post can lead them to your website to conduct the sale in the comfort of their own home.


Billboards, television screens, and newspaper ads are yesterday’s advertising methods. Online marketing is the advertising of today, and Facebook is the platform for doing business in the “now”.


Businesses in San Antonio are steadily integrating their marketing methods on social media sites like Facebook. The San Antonio Spurs, for example, have established a strong social media presence and online reputation, with 6.6 million likes and posts that are published almost every hour.


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