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Digital Sapiens Launch Easy-to-Use, Innovative Apps for Medical Practices

SAN ANTONIO, TX, March 31, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ — Digital Sapiens, a leader in digital, social, and mobile marketing, recently announced the launch of Medical Web Applications. One App allows medical practices to quickly pull reports on the status of all Patient Referrals. Another keeps the pulse on patient satisfaction levels, measuring the number of detractors (patients unsatisfied with service) and net promoters (patients satisfied with patient care).

“Under the Affordable Care Act, most doctors are now required to know, at a minute’s notice, the status of all patient referrals they give or receive,” says Ajay Tejwani, Chief Storyteller and CEO of Digital Sapiens. “If not, the government may fine the entire practice two percent of each doctor’s annual salary.”

To help medical practices be in compliance with new regulations and prevent penalties, the App is designed to monitor the status of the referrals and to provide accurate, real-time reports. Tejwani says this App also handles additional tracking needs such as at-risk, acute care patients for the first 30 days after they are discharged.

“The Patients Survey App is designed to help a medical practice know if it is providing good service or where there may be areas of improvement,” Tejwani says. “While knowing if patients are satisfied is nice to know, in six months or so it too will become a compliance issue.”

“Additionally, every medical practice knows the importance of having a great reputation online, especially in today’s world where people love to go online and complain about poor service,” Tejwani says. “With our App, a clinic manager will know before the patient leaves the office if someone had a bad experience and has a chance to rectify the situation before the patient goes home and vents online on social media and other platforms.”

Tejwani explains that Digital Sapiens designed these Apps thanks to one of its major medical clients, the Gonzaba Medical Group (GMG).

“Gonzaba Medical Group is a progressive and growing medical practice with five locations, three Urgent Care Centers, 50 physicians, 40 Physician Assistants and Registered Nurses, and over 500 employees,” Tejwani says. “We have been fortunate to work with them for several months and help them on the path of growth.”

Paco Gonzaba, who oversees business operations and marketing for GMG says, “Digital Sapiens helped us achieve our business goals in developing branding guidelines, designing our website for search engine visibility, and helping us organize and execute major patient events.”
Gonzaba says, “They also provided metrics and reporting that allowed us to identify where we should focus our marketing dollars and to eliminate efforts that were not generating ROI.”

Tejwani said that the key benefits of Digital Sapiens’ Patient Surveys App are:
– Easy-to-Navigate Dashboard
– Responsive to all Device Sizes (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
– Simple, Easy-to-Understand Reports
– User-Friendly Patient Feedback Forms Customizable for each Practice (PCPs, Cardiologists, Bariatric Surgeons, etc.)
– Affordable Even for Small Practices
– Boosts a Medical Practice’s Online Ratings
– Real-Time Email Alerts
– Proactively Engages Patients by Facilitating their Input
– Ability to Post Positive Reviews Directly on the Practice’s Website and Use in Marketing Materials
– Taking Control of the Practice’s Reputation
– Identification and Prioritization of Operational Issues
– Increase in Patient Satisfaction
– Improvement of the Patient Experience
– Reduction in Negative Reviews Left on Web and Social Media Platforms

About Digital Marketing Sapiens

Digital Marketing Sapiens is a full-service digital, social, and mobile marketing firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, with offices in Dubai. The company specializes in the healthcare industry. It offers Custom Medical Website Design (responsive to all device sizes); Apps to track Patient Satisfaction, monitor Referrals, manage a Practice’s Reputation, handle Appointment and Medication reminders, and to prevent suicide; Medical SEO, Medical Landing Page Campaigns and Google AdWords managed by certified Google Partners as well as Bing and Yahoo Accredited Professionals. Digital Sapiens are committed to helping Medical Practices meet their business goals maximizing the latest in Web technology.

Digital Sapiens at located in the San Antonio Technology Center at 3463 Magic Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78229. The firm’s phone number is 210-582-5842. Its website:

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