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digital marketing san antonio

It is time for those office themed parties! Halloween is a fun holiday, and sometimes does not get the attention it deserves! At a digital marketing office, there are so many different costumes you could come up with to wear to the office parties. Here is a list of costumes that relate to digital marketing!

  • IPhone: you could either purchase this costume or DIY it. Use some cardboard and start drawing!
  • Mobile App: Wander around and offer some appetizers or whatever you have on hand because you are an app and offer many different things to people! You can even choose what type of app you want to be. This is a fun way to be social and introduce yourself to new people.
  • Whitespace: dress in all white, even add white face paint and a white wig to get the full effect. Then add a hint of color somewhere on the outfit like a colored scarf or a paint splotch. This will make the white space more prominent.
  • Error 404 Page: everyone has most likely encountered an error 404 page before and you can turn it into a funny costume too! Either get a plain white t shirt or tape a white piece of paper to yourself and white “Error 404: Costume Not Found”.
  • Computer and Mouse: this is a fun couples costume. If you want to add more people to it, you could even have a keyboard be a part of the group! These costumes can be drawn on or use other tools to make it more realistic such as cardboard and paint.
  • Nerd: this is one of the most common costumes people wear! You can be more specific and be a tech nerd or a book nerd. There are so many different ways to make this costume unique.

If you are interested in going to an office party, look into creating these different costume ideas. Also, if you are interested in the idea of digital marketing companies, look into Digital Marketing Sapiens in San Antonio! We are a digital marketing agency that helps a variety of businesses promote their brand and products. Visit our website to learn more.

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