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From the ancient ways of barter system to today’s globalized world of commerce, the business world has witnessed a remarkable evolution! Physical evaluation and demonstration of a product offered to the walk-in customers, verbal-promotion-guarantees and contracts are not the marketing policies acknowledged anymore.

Technology is constantly evolving to help innovators realize their ideas, concepts and practices. Digital marketing and social media allow for previously impossible opportunities for success, growth and market presence.

For example, a business may sell fifty tons of bananas and his competitor a meager 100 pounds. Previously, the outsold competitor didn’t stand a chance to compete in regard to the production capability, brand popularity, wide market reach. However, with the evolutionary digital marketing strategies both these banana sellers can be seen competing in a similar level playing field. Nowadays, despite operating on a smaller level, the competitor has a chance to keep pace or even overtake the larger business if they capitalize on all the digital tools at their disposal.

Your digital marketing options are only limited by your budget and imagination. Anyone dedicated to learning about social media campaigns, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and web design has the ability to do so. You don’t need to go to school for social media management, after all! You just have to find the right people and resources online, then apply them with an open mind and ambitious outlook.

Ease of access is one of the greatest parts about digital marketing. Field surveys regarding the market potential and progress can be monitored right from your desk. The detailed analytics provided by most digital platforms allows you to have an eagle’s eye view of your business’ status as well as detailed numbers regarding the impact made by any changes you have implemented.

You may not be selling bananas but, if you have any questions about the health benefits or tastiest types of bananas, you know you will head straight to Google for answers!

In the last few years, social media has grown from being a mere digital channel for “socializing” with close friends into one of the most powerful and convenient digital marketing tools for brands and businesses. It has proven a very cost-effective way for promotion and advertising in a new, subtle and very personal way that businesses are doubling their social media Marketing budgets during the next five years.

Many businesses are finally embracing the power of the social media marketing (SMM). We would love you to do the same! However, there are two sides to the SMM coin. One promises profitable success, particularly if SMM is done properly and effectively. On the other side, SMM may prove detrimental to your brand, bringing in results that may be opposite from what you expected if you do not have a strategy.

If you are new to digital marketing or social media marketing, reach out to Digital Marketing Sapiens in San Antonio, Texas for assistance!


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