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Institute for Women’s Health


A medical company wanted to change its name and make its brand more appealing to its customer base. The business also wanted to bring in additional customers by increasing their search engine rank and starting a social media program. Specifically:

  • IFWH wanted to re-brand themselves as Consultants in Women’s Health (CIWH)
  • Change website design to make it more appealing to women.
  • Showcase their Saturday Hours & Patient Portal.
  • Launch a social media program.
  • Track results of social media program from their website.
  • Target mobile-enabled customers.
  • Reach new customer demographic.
  • High search engine (SEO) visibility on Google, Bing & Yahoo.


We evaluated the existing business model and target markets. After reviewing the results and consulting with both the business and a select group of their customer base, we designed a holistic marketing plan to meet all their goals.


  • New website design uses shapes and colors that appeal to women.
  • Highlight the Patient Portal, Saturday Hours, Latest News and Employment Opportunities sections on the home page of the website.
  • Increase visibility of contact information by placing it on the home page.
  • Create a mobile-friendly website that detects different mobile devices and displays condensed content for mobile viewing.
  • Incorporate analytical tools to track website results.
  • Synchronize the website with Google Translate for Spanish so that the company can reach out to Spanish-speaking patients.
  • Develop SEO-friendly web pages that increase the search engine rank.
  • Design a Facebook page for the company to utilize social media based off of the main website.
  • Launch website as the new brand entity.


  • 50 percent increase in unique visitors to the website within the first 3 months.
  • 40 percent decline in bounce rates.
  • 60 percent increase in overall traffic to the website within first 3 months.
  • 30 percent increase in Patient Portal traffic.
  • 5000 unique visitors to the mobile website in first 3 months.
  • First page on Google, Yahoo and Bing for high traffic keywords for their industry.

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