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Why is Bing important for Search Engine Strategy?

Date November 25, 2015

Google has been synonymous with search for everyone, and poor Bing—quickly became synonymous with sarcasm […]

Facebook Testing Its New Mobile Ad Format

Date September 4, 2015

Facebook is testing a new mobile ad format similar to the one it discussed at […]

SEO Tips for Healthcare Practices

Date September 3, 2015

In terms of SEO, Google and the other search engines take into consideration hundreds of […]

TV and Facebook Relationship gets stronger

Date September 1, 2015

Facebook usage in the US peaks during primetime; TV viewing peaks in the same part […]

You can (And Should) Change Your NewsFeed Preferences

Date August 10, 2015

Facebook rolled out new changes for their newsfeed for better user control on what they […]

4 Red Flags when dealing with PPC Agencies

Date August 10, 2015

1. Performance Promises and Guarantees Past performance is not an indication of future returns – […]

New Report Editor for Adwords

Date August 7, 2015

Google recently announced a really slick and wow looking report editing tool called the AdWords […]

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