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Best Marketing Practices for Roofers

As the economy has been improving, roofers have been optimistic about growing their business. According to Roofing Contractor, residential roof improvement needs are expected to increase; however, commercial projects may slightly decline. Due to this unsteady environment, competition has also increased – making it more important than ever for roofing companies to revolutionize the way they market themselves if they want to stand out among the crowd.

Hail storms have been hitting San Antonio more frequently than we’d like. Cars, homes, and businesses have suffered. Roofing companies, on the other hand, can benefit from these storms. The storm in April of last year produced nearly $1.4 billion is damages, making it the costliest storm in the state’s history. Thousands of homes suffered roof damage, and the estimated damage was $800 million. According to USAA, there were 27,000 property claims just from last year’s hail storms. This means that just last year there were thousands of potential roofing clients in just one week!

When people are searching for roofing contractors, how can you stand out? Think about the people you are targeting. Because of the huge presence of the internet and reliance on online reviews, digital marketing is more essential now than ever.Marketing for roofing contractors

Show up FIRST on Google search results

The best tool to build leads is through search engine optimization (SEO). If you’ve ever searched something on Google, you already know more about SEO than you think. SEO helps your business show up at the top of the results on search engines. Most people never go to the second page of results when they are looking for a business, let alone scroll down past the third listing. This is why it’s imperative to try to get on the first page of Google.

Digital marketing agencies are the perfect solution to help build and grow your online presence because they have mastered SEO. Agencies can determine what your target audience is searching for online. Their job is to find out what they need, and direct them to your roofing company before other companies.

Maintain an ACTIVE online presence

Having an online presence is the key to growing your business. As roofers compete for jobs and clients, it’s imperative to have an optimized website with a unique web design. The right presentation makes the difference between making sales and losing customers, just like it does in a brick and mortar store. Some small businesses don’t even have websites, but the most successful ones do. Make sure your website it user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

When people are going to invest in a certain product or service, they are going to research the company and find as much information as they can. By building and maintaining your website, you can show prospects how you are different from all the other roofing companies – whether it’s through photos, testimonials, educational blogs, etc. One of the most effective ways is by adding a gallery of before and after pictures of roofs your business has fixed. People tend to believe what they see, and

Digital marketing is always changing, and Digital Marketing Sapiens stays on top of marketing trends to keep your online presence consistent and growing.

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