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Is Your Website Ready for AMP?

By Date July 24, 2017

Take your phone out and Google something – anything! Try searching “marketing blogs.” Now, you may have to scroll down a little bit to find this, but do you see a small lightning bolt to the left of some websites? […]

Why Your Website Needs Google AMP

By Date July 21, 2017

Google created AMP to help users have the best mobile experience. There are two ways that AMP accomplishes its fast speeds. Web developers use a set of narrow web technologies to create pages, and Google hosts the pages on its […]

Google Invites Digital Marketing Sapiens to Become Trusted Photographers

By Date July 20, 2017

Digital Marketing Sapiens                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 7/18/2017 3463 Magic Drive, Suite 200 San Antonio, Texas 78229 210-582-5842   Google Invites Digital Marketing Sapiens to Become Trusted Photographers San Antonio, TX: On July 11th, Digital Marketing Sapiens was invited to […]

Why Small Businesses Need SEO

By Date July 19, 2017

When we ask most small business what they do for marketing, they say they are strictly word-of-mouth. That’s awesome! If you are succeeding without advertising or marketing, that is something to be proud of. However, that also means there are […]

How Digital Marketing Is Impacting the Healthcare Industry

By Date July 13, 2017

The healthcare industry is evolving faster now more than ever. Policy changes, industry innovation, and the evolution of information and technology are bringing in a new age of healthcare. However, when it comes to digital marketing, the healthcare industry tends […]

Trends in Mobile Banking

By Date June 14, 2017

By: Angelique Paccione At the end of 2016, there was an estimated 1.2 billion people worldwide using mobile banking. This shift to mobile is providing banks with an opportunity to generate more customers by offering easier ways to bank from […]

The “Senior” Social Network

By Date June 9, 2017

When you imagine someone glued to their phone, constantly checking on their social media pages, you likely picture a millennial in your mind’s eye. A few years ago, that mental image was fairly accurate. Most younger people are computer literate […]

Top Digital Marketing Practices for HVAC Companies

By Date June 7, 2017

Air conditioning will never go out of style in Texas! During winter months, some people swaddle themselves in blankets if the heater goes out, but what if the AC goes out? You’re out of luck. There aren’t many ways to […]

Content Marketing 101

By Date May 31, 2017

Seth Godin says that content marketing is ”the only marketing left.” Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately, to […]

Best Marketing Practices for Roofers

By Date May 24, 2017

As the economy has been improving, roofers have been optimistic about growing their business. According to Roofing Contractor, residential roof improvement needs are expected to increase; however, commercial projects may slightly decline. Due to this unsteady environment, competition has also […]

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