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5 Restaurant Campaigns That Will Blow your Socks Off

restaurant marketing san antonio

Mundane restaurant marketing strategies seem passé, don’t they? Things like – “Happy Hours,” “Early bird discounts,” and “All that you can eat,” no longer seem like something to brag about!

Well, then what’s next? Nowadays, it is essential that businesses engage their customers in a way where they feel that they are investing in something. Rather than the mere experience of buying a product, the customers should feel like you have made them a little part of your family.

Restaurant campaigns need novelty and out of the box thinking. This approach helps you to engage customers in a way you would never have imagined. They jazz up your promotions, add to the fun, and add some extra cash to your pockets! Strategies for restaurant marketing in San Antonio and elsewhere, suggest interacting with customers using unique ways, that will lead to a massive flock outside of restaurant doors.

Here are some examples of excellent restaurant promotions –

  1. KFC

Yeah, it is “finger-lickin’ good,” but it is also good at marketing its products. KFC launched a new menu with a twist, which worked out really well. It introduced a product namely ‘fried chicken corsage’ and said that only 100 of these would be available.

When the product sold out, they announced that another batch of 100 would be made, and as you can imagine, after that hundred was gone, they announced another, and the story continued. KFC also made a video of the same which received above 933,000 views.

  1. Chipotle

Chipotle created a short film to distinguish their products from their competitors. The 2-minute film was called as “Back to the start,” that featured a song by Willie Nelson. The movie aimed at showing Chipotle’s dedication to local, fresh, and healthy ingredients.

“Back to the start,” kick-started the sales of the company. It led to 6 million views on YouTube and 10,000 tweets. Kudos!

  1. Dominos

There is nothing better for a customer than to have a pizza made the way you want! Dominos made this thought turn into a reality by allowing customers to create personalized pizza profiles that they could order through the app. They promised that any person could place an order in 30 seconds or less, and once the perfect pizza was created, you could save it for easy ordering the next time around.

This led to optimum satisfaction of the customer, as they could choose their preference for a wide range of choices. It was no surprise that the pizza company boosted their customer-base in no time.

  1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s did a fantastic job of joining hands with Sochi, for an online campaign. They connected athletes and fans during the time of Olympics and gave the fans a golden chance to send messages to their favorite athlete.

Using the #CheerstoSochi, the fans could congratulate or send messages to the athletes. All these cheers were later displayed for the contestants, and they could print these onto their wrist ribbons.

All this seems like a mammoth task, doesn’t it? Well, we have got you covered! With the best at your doorstep, you do not have to worry about ‘what’ and ‘how’ it is to be done. DMS will help you surf through it.

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Now even you can be a champion in restaurant marketing. For campaigns like these and further details, get in touch with us.

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