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4 Digital Marketing Ideas for Your IT Services Companies in 2018

There are many different IT companies throughout the United States and the world that are of a wide variety of sizes and capacities. Many IT companies don’t realize that they can use digital marketing to their advantage or are a small business and don’t believe they can beat out the larger corporations as far as a marketing budget goes. Here are the top four ways that IT companies can increase their online presence:

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Video Marketing has quickly become one of the more popular and engaging marketing techniques. IT companies can use video marketing to produce small “how to” videos giving industry tips and insider knowledge to potential clients.

For instance, if a consumer has an issue with their internet or connection finding a video that walks them through different steps to regain connection, builds a trust with the company. This trust can then lead to consumers contacting the business when a more pressing issue arises, or if they have any questions regarding their service. Not only that- videos are also more likely to appear in a newsfeed on social media.

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Branching off videos, are infographics, which allow consumers to dissect information in the form of easy to read pictures, laced with valuable bullet points and information.  Just take all the information that you see in the infographic above! Think how long it would take to read all of the information that in a blog post.

Many marketing companies are using infographics to improve search engine optimization in place of blog posts. Visual flowcharts are engaging and allow easy access to information that is needed. In addition, these infographics when placed on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, help increase an online presence.

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One of the top ways that companies are starting to use digital marketing is with an automated chatbot on a website landing page. There are many different benefits to using these automated systems, and they can be beneficial to someone that is interacting with an IT companies’ website.

Imagine, a consumer lands on your site and has questions about the services that are offered. A chatbot then pops up, asking if there is any way that they can help, and they are taken through a series of questions until an answer is found. A chatbot can easily be programmed to engage with customers and find solutions to a company’s FAQ’s, then if there is a more in-depth question it can be passed on to a team member. This will help reduce the number of calls that an IT company can receive from general, easy to answer, troubleshooting questions and allow employees of the company to be more productive with their time.

Consumers, especially those in the millennial generation, prefer these bots at times too! There are studies shown that 71% of millennials would use a chatbot and 58% have already engaged with one. Chatbots are a smart way to provide service to potential customers and build their trust.

Chatbots can be used on Facebook Messenger as well, which is quickly becoming one of the top ways to interact with a business or a company. In addition, social media is becoming a crucial part of digital marketing.

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Social Media and Influencers 

It’s not enough to just have a website and a phone number anymore. People, especially those in the millennial population, are no longer surfing the internet and are now scrolling through their newsfeeds and social media apps. According to, more than 90% of twitters users are 60% of YouTube users are accessing the platforms through mobile devices.

What does that mean for businesses? A marketing strategy needs to include or be targeted towards these platforms. Creating a Facebook profile for your business and frequently posting on community platforms is crucial to gaining more customers. Teaming up with influencers on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook is another essential strategy that should be implemented. These influencers, if correctly targeted, can increase the presence of social media and a three to one return on investment.

There are many different ways that IT services can create a smart digital marketing strategy that can be utilized to help build search engage optimization and to increase a social media following. For more strategies on how to build an online presence, contact Digital Marketing Sapiens at (210)-582-5842 or visit us online at


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