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Is Your Website Ready for AMP?

Date July 24, 2017

Take your phone out and Google something – anything! Try searching “marketing blogs.” Now, you […]

Why Your Website Needs Google AMP

Date July 21, 2017

Google created AMP to help users have the best mobile experience. There are two ways […]

Google Invites Digital Marketing Sapiens to Become Trusted Photographers

Date July 20, 2017

Digital Marketing Sapiens                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 7/18/2017 3463 Magic Drive, Suite 200 San Antonio, Texas […]

Why Small Businesses Need SEO

Date July 19, 2017

When we ask most small business what they do for marketing, they say they are […]

How Digital Marketing Is Impacting the Healthcare Industry

Date July 13, 2017

The healthcare industry is evolving faster now more than ever. Policy changes, industry innovation, and […]

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