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10 tips for Plastic Surgery Marketing


#1: Understand the Decision-Making Process of a plastic surgery patient

Patient testimonials, Befores and Afters and information about the doctor along with his/her credentials or accomplishments go a long way in gaining the trust of a prospect. and helps them in their decision making process. Prospective plastic surgery patients already have a set of desires, questions, and doubts in mind. Answering those is the key to gaining them as a new client.

#2: Know Your Audience

Identify who want to target for e.g., is the Botox patients or mommy makeover, or tummy or just specializing in breast reconstruction etc. and then focus your efforts on them. Pay attention to every prospective and current patient but put special focus on your target market.

#3: Stop Ignoring your Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Most patients fall away because of real or perceived indifference. From the moment a prospective client fills out a contact form on your web site to their last follow up after a procedure they are looking for responsiveness. If you are not responsive then guess what someone else will be.

#4: Make the Patient Feel Special

Everyone likes to be paid attention to and people seeking cosmetic surgery even more. It doesn’t take big or costly gestures to accomplish this either. A Free microderm treatment or Free one time Botox treatment for returning patients on your web site reinforces that they are not forgotten and that you have other services they need. Keep the American Society of Plastic Surgeons advertising guidelines in mind when you develop this plan:

#5: Increase Revenues-Per-Patient

At least 20% of existing patients surveyed say they would take advantage of additional procedures only if they knew about them. Your best return on investment comes from existing patients. They already know and trust you. That is a hard commodity to earn so don’t waste it.

#6: Reactivate Your Lost Patients

Keep a database of all your patients and reconnect with by direct mail and/or e-newsletters. It’s always cheaper and easier to reconnect with patients that have visited you before than to attract people who have never had any contact with your practice.

#6: Make it easy to refer Patients

70% of your new plastic surgery patients are a result of referrals from your current patients. Remember tips number 3 and 4. Patients like to be noticed and feel special. You win twice with this technique.

#8: Create an Amazing Patient Experience

Cosmetic surgery is about the relationship a patient “feels” they have with you. Everything about your website, your office, your staff, and your care of a patient should leave them with a positive experience they want to share with others.

#9: Make Communications Personal and Timely

There are certain times of the year your cosmetic surgery patients need to hear from you. Birthdays and holidays, in particular, are perfect times to communicate how special that patient is to you.

#10: Become an Authority through Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing includes a number of tactics to help you attract and convert new patients:

  • frequently posting informative and relevant blogs
  • implementing SEO (search engine optimization) best practices
  • building a website that functions properly on all platforms (desktop, mobile phone, tablet)
  • maintaining an active social media engagement
  • Informative and appealing e-Books and e-Newsletters

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