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3 Tips for Promoting Your Auto Repair Shop Using Digital Marketing

By Date January 31, 2017

When your customers need their cars fixed, what makes them try one auto repair shop over another? This question has many different answers, but the simplest answer is trust. Some people have used an auto repair shop before and will […]

Closing The Loop In Digital Marketing

By Date September 27, 2016

At Digital Marketing Sapiens, we create a closed-loop system for all of our campaigns and services. To us, this system seems obvious! However, when you are new to digital marketing, it is easy to get overwhelmed by options and start […]

What Is CoSchedule & Why Do You Need It?

By Date September 15, 2016

Whether you’re a lone blogger establishing yourself or a business managing a number of clients, you need a schedule! When you’re starting out, it’s easy to assume that you know what you need to do. That may even be true […]

Tips & Tools For Selecting Your SEO Keywords

By Date September 14, 2016

Before you can optimize your website for search engines, you need to know what you’re targeting. Selecting that target means picking your keywords. While putting together a simple, straightforward task, don’t disregard it as busy work or assume the answer […]

Don’t Lose E-Commerce Customers At The Checkout!

By Date September 13, 2016

Online shopping is too big to ignore! It is an increasingly normal part of our lives, professionally and personally. Two thirds of American adults shop online at least once a month according to a recent study. In fact, one in […]

6 Trends That Will Rule The Tech World

By Date August 12, 2016

    As we travel past the half point of 2016, we marketers should look back at the technology trends that have already made their mark on this year! They will serve as a foundation for a smarter future. Virtual […]

Top 12 Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Trends In 2016

By Date August 10, 2016

Social media and search engine marketing are the two constantly evolving trends with plenty of changes that prompt shifts in consumer and marketer behavior. In order to succeed, you should adapt to these changes and employ the latest and most […]

5 Marketing Strategy Questions That Small Businesses NEED to Answer

By Date August 8, 2016

What is the difference between confident entrepreneurs who lead growing businesses and business owners who are trapped in survival mode? It’s simple. A successful business almost certainly has a clear marketing strategy that guides their decision-making and makes everything they […]

7 Social Media Marketing Trends for Your Business

By Date August 4, 2016

Video content There are many ways for businesses to utilize video content in their marketing strategies. For example, using educational videos can give businesses the opportunity to instruct their audience as well marketing to them. Explainer videos allow viewers to […]

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